Wolfgang Schadner

Visiting Fellow, Harvard Business School

PhD, University of St. Gallen (graduating 2023)



Estimating Forward-Looking Stock Correlations from Risk Factors, Mathematics (2022), (JIF:  2.6)*

U.S. Politics from a Multifractal Perspective, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (2022), (JIF:  9.9)*

On the Persistence of Market Sentiment, Physica A (2021), (JIF:  3.8)*

The trilemma of expansionary monetary policy in the Euro area during the COVID-19 crisis, Finance Research Letters (2021), (JIF:  9.8)*

Forward Looking Up-/Down Correlations, Quantitative Finance and Economics (2021), (JCR: Q1)*

Ex-Ante Risk Factors and Required Structures of the Implied Correlation Matrix, Finance Research Letters (2020), (JIF:  9.8)*

An Idea of Risk-Neutral Momentum and Market Fear, Finance Research Letters (2020), (JIF:  9.8)*

*Journal metrics taken from Clarivate's Web of Science, 2022.

International Review of Financial Analysis (IRFA), Finance Research Letters, Economic Modelling

Projects (available upon request)

Which is Worse: Heavy Tails or Volatility Clusters? (Schadner W. and Traut J.)

Shadow Interest Rates in the Euro Area (Lang S., Reynard S. and Schadner W.)

Crypto's Expected Randomness (Schadner W. and Liebi L.)

Return Auto-Correlation as Implied by Option Prices (Schadner W.)



Visiting Fellow - Harvard Business School (9/2022 - 5/2023)

PhD in Finance - Univ. St. Gallen (2019 - 2023)

MSc Banking & Finance - Univ. Innsbruck (2016 - 2018; Thesis available here)

Exchange Semester - HEC Lausanne (2017)

BSc Management & Economics - Univ. Innsbruck (2013 - 2016)

Technical College (HTL; 2007 -2012)

Awards & Grants

European Finance Association (EFA) travel grant

Prix du Centre de Professions Financières, 31st Concours international des Mémoires de l'Economie et de la Finance (2019)

Erste Asset Management Challenge (winner; 2018)

Dean's List, Univ. Innsbruck (2018)

2x merit-based Scholarship, Univ. Innsbruck (2017, 2018)


Assistant - Univ. St. Gallen (2019 - ongoing)

Assistant - Univ. Innsbruck (2018)

Quantitative Analyst - 3BG Investment GmbH (2018)

Military Service, Mountain Infantry (2012)

Non-Academic Internships:Social Responsible Investments, Erste Asset Managment GmbH (2019)Risk Management, Immobank AG (2016)Mechanical Engineer, WWG GmbH (2015)

Non-Academic Achievments:

3x IRONMAN finisher (long-distance Triathlon)